Sam Zherka Shares His Parents’ Journey: From Albania to the US

For Sam Zherka, his parents are his greatest role models. He knows that if it weren’t for their determination to survive and their perseverance to give him a good life, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Sammy Zherka shares that the success he is enjoying today is largely attributed to the sacrifices that his parents made to give him a good life. If it weren’t for their determination to leave their oppressive life in Albania, Sam Zherka might not even be alive today.

From Albania to the US

Sammy Zherka grew up in the Bronx, and is the sixth of eight children. His parents migrated to the US sometime in 1962. At a very young age, Sam Zherka learned about the value of freedom, justice, and equality; to always stand against oppression, tyranny, and injustice wherever and whenever it may exist.

To give you a little background…

Back in Albania, Sam’s father spent over a decade in communist torture camps because he spoke against oppression and tyranny. His fight for freedom from oppression for his countrymen led to his arrest. For six and a half years, the father of Sammy Zherka spent his days and nights being tortured, mentally, physically, and emotionally. He was eventually sentenced to death. He managed to escape death when the guard assigned to oversee his execution helped him escape. He then fled to Yugoslavia. But his strong beliefs and his relentless fight for freedom from oppression led to another arrest, which meant being tortured for over a decade in another torture camp.

His mother was also tortured in a communist camp in Albania because she fought for the same freedom. His parents met at a refugee camp in Italy. When the parents of Sammy Zherka were finally granted asylum by the US government, they vowed to make the best of this opportunity and start over. This was in 1962. In 1968, Sam Zherka was born.

Sam Zherka will share more of his parents’ journey, as well as his family life, on his blog page.

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