Sam Zherka Talks About the Importance of Spending Quality Time with Children

Sam Zherka has always believed that a strong family foundation will help children grow into responsible and well-rounded adults. When Sammy Zherka was growing up, there was never a time when he felt that his father didn’t have time for him despite having seven other siblings. Growing up, his parents spent most of their time working; doing odd jobs to provide a good home for their kids. But in spite of this, they still found time to bond with Sam Zherka and his siblings. This is one of the many lessons that Sam learned from his parents by way of example; that you should never be too busy to spend time with your children.

With eight kids of his own now, Sammy Zherka follows the example set by his parents. He makes sure to spend quality time with his kids. He achieves this in two ways: he plans for father-and-kids’ outings at least once a year, and then takes each child out on rotation. (He has eight kids and there are only seven days in a week, five of which he spends at work)

The outings with his kids are different from the family vacations that Sam Zherka and his wife plan every year. His wife also spends quality time with the kids—just her and her eight big bundles of joy. For Sammy Zherka, it’s important that each of them have a special day out with the kids. With eight children in the household, some may feel neglected or unappreciated. The time spent with each child strengthens the parent-child bond, and at the same time, gives them the opportunity to enjoy a little alone time—away from their usually loud and active household.

Spending quality time with each of their kids doesn’t need to be somewhere expensive too. The fun part about all of this is getting to plan what to do and where to go with each child. This is where Sam Zherka discovers a bit of each child’s personality. For instance, his quadruplet six-year-olds are as different as they can be from one another! One boy likes riding his bike while the other prefers learning magic tricks. One likes to play dress-up (as superheroes) while the other doesn’t care much for outdoor activities. For an outing with his girls, Sammy Zherka seeks the help of his wife.

But no matter what you do or where you go, Sam Zherka shares, it’s important to spend quality time with the kids. It’s the memories that you create from these outings that they will remember most (and be grateful for) once they become adults. The fun times he had as a child are what Sammy Zherka remembers with fondness.