Sam Zherka on How Fatherhood Changes One’s Perspective about What is Important in Life

Sam Zherka wears many different hats in his professional and personal life, but the one role that he finds most joy in, the one role that he wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world is being a father to his eight children—five boys and three girls. For Sammy Zherka, his greatest blessing is his family. He knows that without his wife and children, life wouldn’t be as fulfilling and rewarding. Life is an adventure enough as it is; but when you become a father, you get to go on a roller coaster adventure every single day—especially when you have eight children like Sam Zherka! When you are raising eight children, life will never be boring, that’s for sure.

Sammy Zherka feels fortunate to have been blessed with eight wonderful children. Truth to tell, Sam Zherka didn’t plan on having eight kids; except that he and his wife had four boys “in one go”—quadruplets! Now that he thinks about it, and every time he looks at his boys, he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

When Sammy Zherka became a father, he knew that his life would be forever changed. He just didn’t know at the time by how much. There was a time when he used to spend long hours at work; and he would only go home when he feels satisfied that he’s accomplished everything he laid out to do for the day. (He can be a perfectionist sometimes)

When the kids came into his life, he realized that work wasn’t as important as he thought it was. As a businessman, he had huge responsibilities at work; and most of the time, he took on more than he needed to do because he wanted to make sure that the business remained successful. But when fatherhood beckoned, Sam Zherka learned the value of delegating tasks. Business didn’t take a back seat but he did learn how to work smart. Sammy Zherka didn’t want to miss out on the joys of fatherhood, especially while his children are still young!

These days, one of the things that Sam Zherka looks forward to after a long and tiring day at work is coming home to a household filled with the noises of his children. There’s nothing like his kids’ hugs and kisses to wash away his fatigue from his day at work. Growing up, Sammy Zherka has always believed that family is important, but now that he has children of his own, this belief is strengthened a hundredfold.