Sam Zherka on His Family’s Journey and Life in the US

Sam Zherka grew up in a loving home. He was raised by Albanian immigrants who fought long and hard against tyranny and oppression in their native country. When Sammy Zherka was growing up, his father would tell him stories about his experience in torture camps, his life at a refugee camp in Italy, and how, amidst all the struggles and pain, he found hope and a reason for living in Sam’s mother. His parents met at a refugee camp in Italy. They were both jailed and tortured in Albania, fighting for the freedom from oppression and tyranny for their countrymen.

These stories, and the lessons his father taught him, served as motivation for Sam Zherka to succeed in life, and more importantly, to become the kind of father and husband that his own father was: loving, kind, compassionate, supportive, and forgiving, with a strong sense of equality and integrity.

One of the most valuable lessons his father taught, one that was instilled so strongly in the young Sammy Zherka, is encapsulated in these words of wisdom:

“Whenever you see something bad happening to your neighbor, you can’t think that it won’t happen to you. You must confront bad things before the bad guys come knocking on your own door.”

Sam Zherka lives his life following these words of advice. In everything that he does, be it in his career or personal life, he strives to always do the right thing. Within these words, Sammy Zherka learned the value of honor and integrity, of speaking out and taking action to fight for what is right, and the most valuable lesson of all, the importance of family. Sam Zherka further shares that when the world turns its back on you, you can always count on family to support and encourage you, and to love you despite your mistakes and shortcomings.

With seven siblings and two supportive and loving parents, Sam Zherka knows just how blessed he is. And now that he has a family of his own, he is even more determined to make his father proud by honoring is legacy.

Because of how his parents raised him, Sammy Zherka has achieved success beyond his wildest imagination. Sam Zherka is a family man, humanitarian, and businessman—in that order.

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