Sam Zherka Welcomes You to His Personal Website

For Sam Zherka, nothing is more important than family. Despite the many successes he’s had in his business, and no matter how many accolades and recognition he has received in his professional career, he regards the love and recognition he receives from his family more important than anything in the world. Sammy Zherka is, above all, a family man.

Sam Zherka attributes his sense of fatherhood to his own father, an Albanian refugee who was granted asylum by the US government in 1962. His father made sure that Sammy Zherka grew up in a nurturing and loving environment, and one that is supported (with great determination and compassion) by him. There are many lessons that his father taught him growing up, but the two that has stuck with Sam Zherka throughout the years are to never compromise your name and integrity, and to never turn a blind eye to the ‘bad’ that is happening in the world.

In a way, Sam Zherka created this website as a tribute to his father. He knows that if he could just be half the man that his father was to his own children, then the lessons his father took great pains in teaching the young Sammy Zherka wouldn’t have been in vain.

With that said, this website is dedicated to Sammy’s life as a family man and a father to eight wonderful children. Sammy Zherka hopes that through the stories he will share here about his personal journey, the reader will find hope and comfort in the knowledge that with perseverance and determination, every dream and every goal is attainable.

Sam Zherka would also like to dedicate this website to all the loving fathers out there. He shares that whatever you are going through, believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining! “If Sam Zherka can do it, so can you!; he further adds.

Sammy Zherka invites you to visit his About page to learn more about his personal background.